Iran has evidence that Trump lied!

The US claims its $125 million drone was shot down 35 miles off of Iran.  There are three problems with this claim:

1.2, The US claim is that the drone was shot down is odd because the US does not say the drone had not traversed Iranian airspace! The shoot out over the straits could have occurred after the drone transgressed.

2. The Us claims the drone was 35 miles away from the mainland of Iran  BUT, the straits are only 25 miles wide at their narrowest. AND Iran claims the island of Qeshem, narrowing the border zone to about 20 miles. That places the boundary only 10 miles off of Iran! If the drone flew over the narrow part, it could easily have violated Iranian airspace!

Apparently, the drone was patrolling over the straits. The  United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea establishes that the territorial waters of a country can extend up to 12 nautical miles (22.227 kilometres) from the low-tide mark of the sea.  If the passage is less than 24 miles, the boundary is supposed to be down the middle.

So, if the drone were patrolling over the middle of the narrow point of the straits, it could be on Iran’s border or easily in Iranian waters!

3. Now, the US oddly says it can not retrieve parts of the plane but Iranian fisherman off of Qeshm are finding the debris of America’s $15 million dollar plane!  As described below Iran claims it is finding debris over Qeshm Island.  This makes the border issue more difficult for the US.  Qeshm  is claimed by Iran but the US denies that claim. So, under Iranian law, the straits are only 24 miles wide! So a drone flying, off of Qeshm by less then 12 miles,, for example, 1/2 way between Iran’s mainland and Dubai, would be in Iranian waters under their law!

4. The American leader, Donald Trump, is a notorious liar.

TEHRAN (FNA)- Local fishermen from the Iranian Island of Qeshm in the Strait of Hormuz found more parts of the American spy drone which was shot down by Iranian air defense units on Thursday.

On Monday, Local news outlets relayed photos from the Southern island of Qeshm in the Strait of Hormuz on the neck of the Persian Gulf, showing local fishermen with debris of the US spy drone onboard their vessels.



The IRGC Aerospace Force shot down an American spy drone over the territorial waters of Iran near the Strait of Hormuz at dawn on Thursday.

The United States had confirmed that one of its reconnaissance planes was shot down by Iranian air defenses, but denied that it intruded into Tehran’s airspace at the time.

Commander of the IRGC Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said that his forces could have shot down a US P8 aircraft with 35 on board which was violating Iran’s airspace, but decided to shoot down the drone to only send a message to Washington.

“We intended to send a message to American terrorists in the region,” Brigadier General Hajizadeh said on Friday, adding that his forces had also traced a military P8 aircraft violating the airspace of Iran.

“Along with the American drone was an American P8 aircraft with 35 on board, and it was also violating our airspace and we could have downed it too,” he said, adding, “But we did not do (shoot down) it, because our aim was to warn the terrorist forces of the US.”

General Hajizadeh also stressed on Saturday that Iran was not after war but was fully ready to defend itself, adding that the fate of the downed US spy drone was waiting for any intruding flying object.

“Our response to anything trespassing Iranian territory is like this, and if such acts of aggression are repeated, our response will also be the same,” General Hajizadeh said.

“We don’t embrace war but we are ready to fully defend the country,” he said.

“We possess a collection of US drones which is a proof that US has violated Iran’s airspace and shows that they don’t want to respect the international law,” General Hajizadeh said.

“If such an aggression is repeated, we will add other US (military) products to complete this collection,” he noted.

“The US measure was in violation of international law and we acted according to our legitimate responsibility,” General Hajizadeh said, adding, “It is possible that a US general or some operators were behind this American aggression, we don’t know that. But that measure (intruding into Iranian airspace) is a violation of international aviation rules by a spy drone which then received our natural response.”

On Thursday evening, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that his country had retrieved parts of the US Global Hawk that was shot down from the country’s territorial waters, rejecting Washington’s claim that the aircraft was targeted in international waters.

“(The) US drone took off from UAE in stealth mode and violated Iranian airspace,” Zarif wrote on Twitter, adding that the Global Hawk drone “was targeted near… Kouh-e Mobarak” region in the Central district of Jask in Hormuzgan province after the aircraft violated Iran’s airspace.

Zarif even provided the coordinates where the US aircraft was intercepted, and added, “We’ve retrieved sections of the US military drone in OUR territorial waters where it was shot down.”

In an earlier tweet, Zarif stated that Iran “will take this US new aggression to (the) UN and show that the US is lying about international waters”.

The Iranian foreign minister noted that Tehran does not want war, “but will zealously defend our skies, land and waters”.

Commander of the IRGC Major General Hossein Salami stressed that the move should alert Washington officials to stay away.

The incident sent “a clear message” to the US and other enemies that Iran will show a firm and crushing response to any aggression, Salami stated.

“Borders are our red lines and any enemy which violates them will not go back home and will be annihilated. The only way for enemies is to respect Iran’s territorial integrity and national interests,” the major general noted.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    An aircraft at 20,000 feet traveling at X speed is going to leave a debris field how far from where the aircraft is hit? The debris could come down miles from where the aircraft was hit, and easily land in what Iran claims to be their waters, of course they like to occasionally claim the entire strait. Using a number of islands that are disputed territory. And shooting down a P8 aircraft is different from an unmanned drone. Probably a navy crew in a P8 patrolling right now just itching for the Iranians to fire at the aircraft. Put a couple of fighters up with the P8 and you got a party capable of taking out Iran’s most advanced anti aircraft system. Guess another Iranian commander will be looking for a new job after being relieved by the Ayatollah.
    Both nations could be telling their version of the truth and both could be correct and truthful. Guess the UN will get to bring up the matter of some oil tankers hit by mines.

  2. theaveeditor #

    Sure enough but …
    I am not trying to prove that Trump lies. The point of the post is that the Iranian point of view is very credible.