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Going, going … gone!

“White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is leaving the White House after a tenure defined by lashing out at reporters for critical coverage of Donald Trump while standing by the president’s lies and falsehoods,” Huffington Post says. (Click here.) NBC News, reporting her d[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Who is this?


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THE Ave Challenge: Who is it?


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Urban Planning in Dumbass Seattle

Who In Their Right Mind Wants a 9 Hole Golf Course in Dowth Town Seattle? The Seattle golf lobby, this is who! Seattle’s golfers are upset that the city council is reviewing our 5 golf courses. I like golf courses!  I ysed to walk our dog on a public golf course in Long Beach!  (I […][...]

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Trump’s Luxurious Swamp

While the Trumpies brag that he has drained the swamp, the Trump administration is putting up the worst record for corruption in government since the Grant administration.  Like that golden era, much of this comes from unsavory ties between the government officials and private entrepreneurs seeking[...]