Will Trump Run for Reelection??

David Brewster on FACEBOOK speculates that Trump could surprise us all by canceling his bid for reelection.

The problems with David Brewster’s speculation aide because we do not know what we do not know.

Trump may be in serious health trouble. Whether that is general health or degenerative brain disease, we would not be told.

Trump may also be guilty of crimes that we do not know about and be anxious to conceal them perhaps by staying in office.

Finally, no one has seriously analyzed the financial impact of the presidency on Trump Inc. His wealth is all in his brand. “TRUMP” may be worth as much as “Coca Cola?”

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  1. Mark Adans #

    President Trump is running for a second term. That is what his rally’s are about. Most of what is said here is equally true about the Democrats running, there are a number of things we voters just do not know. True of any candidate. And frankly some information just is not that helpful to voters. Is Trump wealthy, well yes. Does that mean he belongs to clubs and groups the vast majority of us do not. Well yes. But it is nice to see a guy not welcome in some of the other oligarchy’s little club meetings, or not particularly interested in the goings on of a club in northern California perpetually under the gaze of an owl.
    At this time there is no serious other contender for the Republican nomination. A pretty typical late 20th and 21st century happening for both the Republican and Democratic parties when they have an incumbent in the White House. That would be Trumps only potential speed bump to the nomination.
    Trump could get reelected and then step down, but I suspect that would be approx. two years in giving Pence a shot at 10 years as President.

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