Is Venezuela Trump’s Vietnam?

Anybody here still remember how LBJ got us into Vietnam?

August 2, 1964 … The world media heralded the Tonkin Bay incident, a fake news report of an attack on US warships by the North Vietnamese.   The US Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which granted Lyndon Johnson the power to use military force in Southeast Asia without having to ask for an official declaration of war. Soon, we committed 100s of thousands of men and women, trillions on American dollars, and ultimately a huge loss of our prestige.

Now, Granma, Cuba’s official newspaper, says Venezuela’s Juan Guaidó is being trumped up as a successor to Nguyễn Khánh ‘  Nguyễn Khánh was the US supported ruler of South Vietnam in 1964.  Granma claims Trump is are now repeating that horrible error.  Despite a Tonkin Bay like support and condemnation of Maduro as a fascist,  Granma suggests that Juan Guaidó is another Nguyễn Khánh.

Despite the media claims that Juan Guaidó  is the popular choice, his effort at a coup failed.  As a result it is Maduro, not Juan Guaidó who has agreed to a repeat election for early elections for the National Assembly. Granma says Guaidó is a puppet, “a poorly advised, improvised figure … faithfully follow(ing) orders from the U.S. government (with the)  support of the worse elements in Trump’s neo-fascist retinue, including Pompeo, Bolton, Rubio, Abrams, and Mike Pence.

Granma goes on, “Guaidó doesn’t want elections because he knows he’s lost. And the time will soon come for him to answer to the people of his country, and be held accountable before the law for attempting to usurp a position to which he has no right; for proposing a foreign military intervention; encouraging an economic war that has already left children dead, as a result of the blockade of food, medicine, and other vital resources; and for taking possession of diplomatic offices abroad in violation of international laws and conventions.”

With negotiatons now under way in Norway, Maduro and Guaido are now negotiating some sort of compromise. According to Granma, “Guaidó wants Maduro to leave the Presidency and hand it over to him. He wants the 6,190,612 votes cast for the legitimate President in 2018, recognized by international authorities, to be given to him for his “noble” efforts to destabilize the country, even though U.S. sanctions have caused hunger and a military intervention could have incalculable consequences.”


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  1. Mark Adams #

    Granma is not Cuba’s official paper but it is the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party. Might be a little bias.

    LBJ used the Gulf of Tonkin to ramp things up, we were already in South Vietnam. Venezuela is a different situation, unless Cuba is North Venezuela. Yes China is in there, and Russia has some backfire bombers both countries are a long way from Venezuela, heck the US can set up any number of supply routes (Ho Chi Minh trails) to help the rebels, the revolutionaries and freedom fighters.

    And Granma was a boat. Probably on display in Havana, Was there a protest there?

  2. theaveeditor #

    Granma was the boat Castro used to return with his Cadre to Cuba. It almost sunk and di run out of fuel.
    Granma is named for that boat and is the official news outlet for Cuba.|

    LBJ’s escalation and use of fake new is EXACTLY what I fear Trump may do.

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