Trump’s trained seal

He barks on command and belongs in a circus. (Read story here.)

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  1. Mark Adans #

    Maybe someone should ask the legal analyst what he would be doing if he were the ag for the United States. Anyone in that position can be called a trained seal. Eric Holder was a trained seal when he was AG.

    I do not believe Barr is a yes man, but he is not going to make Democrats on the hill very happy. Nor does the man suffer fools. So it will be an interesting 2019 and 20. It will be amusing if he can run the department of justice from a jail cell in the Capitol basement until the new Congress is sworn in. In the event the Sergeant at Arms of the house gets through the Secret Service Agents. After the local assistant attorney general shows the congressional contempt case the circular file, before or after Barr’s orders on the matter.

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