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Puget Sound’s Secret Weapon


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(Various sources, AFP, Farsi News, The US has detained a well respected Iranian scientist for nearly seven months for allegedly attempting to ship growth hormones.  Professor Masoud Soleimani had been invited to meet at the Mayo Clinic.  The US canceled his research visa while he was alre[...]

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Smartass comment by SMS

Of course there is no such thing as nothing. If nothing existed, then it would  be something and could not be nothing.[...]

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Today’s Trump Triumphs

This was all in one day! TRUMP BORDER PATROL CHIEF RESIGNS ..TOO MUCH SUCCESS! Tariffs Sink British Steel into Bankruptcy! American Lobsters for Americans! US Military Bigger then Ever!  Poverty Shrinking! Mnuchin Secures Privacy for American Taxpayers  TRUMP BLAMES TILLERSON TRUMP’S NORTH K[...]