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Trump’s Tantrums

Trump broke down in public today with a rant worthy of a psychotic.  If he were a poor person brought in for a psych evaluation, this POTUS would be under suicide watch. [...]

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Imagine a Jew in Germany being forced to use a Euro bearing Hitler’s face?

Trump has decided that Harriet Tubman will appear on the $20 bill as soon as  Jesus Returns. This fulfills one of his campaign promises because, as he describes the Taubman bill, she is ugly and only on the $20 because it is politically correct.  MNUCHUN: “The primary reason we have looked at r[...]

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Crazy Rich Jews Coming to a Theater near You! Starring Mel Gibson!

I gotta admit, I enjoyed “Crazy Rich Asians” with all the pleasure that ethnic satire can bring. But, to be honest, I keep thinking of my Asian friends.  Would they think this was funny? Would I think the movie was funny if it made fun of wealthy Jews? I guess I may get to answer [&hell[...]