SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Nigerians in the Bible

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OTUKPO AND IDOMA NAME ODOMA: (Daughter of Odom, Sodom. Barren woman).
Our name Odoma has its origin in the bible. Even though our ancestors never read the bible, our names and its meanings confirm that biblical stories were true and concerned us as Israelis. This name Odoma is given to women who are barren and do not have any children. When a woman does not have any child, they call her Odoma. Odoma means daughter of Odom. Why is this woman called Odoma (daughter of Odom)? Because the name came from the biblical story of Sodom. In Sodom, the men were busy shagging themselves and the women of Sodom were barren because the men preferred men.
Let us refer to the story of the two angels who visited Lot in Sodom when God sent them to destroy the land because of homosexual act which was considered wicked. Why is homosexual act wicked? Because it prevents reproduction of human race.
When the angels arrived in Genesis chapter 19 from verse 5 to 11, the men of Sodom gathered and even attempted to break the door to Lot’s house. Lot begged them and even offered to give them his two daughters who were virgins. But they refused because they preferred men. Even Lot’s daughters who were of marriageable age were still virgins and living with Lot because the men preferred men and not women. Under normal circumstance, such daughters would live with their husbands and would have produced children. But even the husbands preferred men and did not know them hence they were still virgins and without children. Even when God wanted to save the husbands, they refused to get out because they preferred to remain with men. God moved Lot and his wife with his two daughters out and destroyed Sodom.
So this is the origin of Otukpo and Idoma name Odoma, daughter of Odom (Sodom), names of all barren women. This was because the men of Odom (Sodom) were all homosexuals which God considered as a wicked act in Genesis 19 verse 7. Because this act leads to the women being left barren which can lead to the end of the human race.

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