Fraud and Democracy in Seattle Congressional Race

I got this email today.

You need to understand that Jayapal is a master politician. She has built a huge war chest.  She will have no serious opposition from the GOP because of her Republican vote in her district is about as bigs as support for the Islamic Democratic Union party or the Kuomintang.

Who else is going to oppose her?   I suppose Kshama Sawant might decide to move up form City Council?  

Hey, I have a meeting with Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal at 9:00 AM tomorrow to go over her May fundraising numbers.

As it stands, we’re going to have a really tough conversation about funding her re-election campaign.


We’re falling behind on Pramila’s fundraising goal and I don’t think we’ll be able to stay on track this month, Stephen…

We have to raise $25,OOO this month to stay on track for 2020. It could be DISASTROUS if we don’t. So please, help us close the gap ASAP by donating $5 now >>


Chip in $5 immediately ➞
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Stephen, there’s no way around it: Running a campaign is expensive.

Pramila refuses to take a penny from Super PACs or Special Interests that want to buy her votes in Congress.

That’s why she depends on you so much, Stephen. 

Grassroots donors like you who chip in $5 and $25 at a time are the only reason Pramila can fund her campaign without selling out to big donors.

So Stephen, please don’t make me give Pramila any bad news tomorrow morning. Donate anything you can to her campaign >>


Chip in $5 immediately ➞
Chip in $25 immediately ➞
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(Use this link to donate!)

Thanks for stepping up today, Stephen.

— Lauren Lalonde
Campaign Finance Director
Pramila for Congress

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  1. Mark Adams #

    The Congresswoman does not need to raise that much money for her race. She could run naked down Main Street or State St and be reelected, in fact doing a little streaking might be all she needs to do to hold onto her seat. Take that Republican’s you can not defeat a streaker in this heavily Democratic district. Talk about anti democratic.

    The real crime is probably all the hours this particular Congresswoman has to put in fund raising because the party requires it. Not so she can get reelected but that it can be spent on other races. And being in a safe seat probably does no help her either as it’s going to be a boring election. Unless Kshama Sawant goes Republican or totally cool independent. That would be very democratic and democracy in action. And it would certainly upset the boat and upset some Democratic power brokers in the state, all good.

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