The Alternative Reality of a FB Troll

“Education comes in many forms and we have lots of republicans with higher education .”

“Liberals have an agenda and teach slanted history to fit their own views. Like when you hear a college professor say that the US committed genocide like the holocaust on a 100 million Indians. That’s an over exaggeration to the extreme on what actually happened and it’s a broad liberal Hysterical view point which makes listening to any thing else they have to say about history useless and dangerous.”

“I had a card carrying member of the Communist party teaching 11 grade history or at least that’s what he told the class when we started. He then spent the entire quarter tearing down every single solitary thing we knew about American history to such a point I actually started looking it up. It was only half or less right and he had exaggerated the point on the other extreme. I figured out history lies somewhere in the middle and not the exaggerated hatred put out by a Communist.?”

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