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As China emerges as a dominant global economic power, I find few places where I can read objective material of the new superpower. Two that I value are The Economist and Quartz.

QUARTZ: Dear readers,


China is battling the United States to become the largest economy in the world, and its quick ascendance as an economic, technological, and political superpower is fundamentally impacting the future.
We’ve curated a selection of our latest China-specific pieces for your Saturday read. Of note is our new brand video series, “Because China.” Click around, dive in, and emerge up-to-date on the top technological and financial innovations taking place in the world’s fastest-growing consumer market.
It’s worth about twice as much as Goldman Sachs, so it’s time we become well acquainted.
The world awaits an electric-car future, but that future is rapidly becoming present in China.
A video series in the making which was already picked up by Chinese social media giant, Weibo. Sit back while we dive into the opportunities, tensions and dangers associated with China’s quick rise.
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