The War to Destroy Christian America.

Prominent Jew David Horowitz is the author of Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America .  That book was a runaway New York Times bestseller.  Now Mr. Horowitz uncovers shocking plot in his new book, Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America.

‘Christianity Must Die!’

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Tucker Collins says “Read this disturbing but vital book.” 

Even a Jew worries about the future of religious freedom… Frankly, you will be shocked by what he has uncovered.  In Dark Agenda is a must-read for every God-loving, faithful Christian in America. 

Liberals and radicals are foaming at the mouth as they get closer to fulfilling their dream of a society without Christianity…

A society where Christians are banished… like lepers and pariahs in their own backyard.

These radicals seek to extinguish the very Judeo-Christian values our society is built upon. Once they kill off those values, freedom burns at the stake.

They will stop at nothing… now entering our schools, churches, and sacred places of worship to carry out their horrific plans and calculated cold-blooded murders.

On Sunday morning, November 5, 2017, a gunman walked into the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.  Clad in tactical gear and a black mask marked with a white skull, the attacker carried a semiautomatic rifle.  After shooting and killing two people outside the church, the gunman went inside, continuing his massacre of innocent churchgoers. By the time he was done he would empty 15 magazines of ammunition.

His vicious attack killed 26 people from ages 5 to 72, and wounded 20.  The slaughter of unarmed Christians in a church sanctuary was a cowardly attack on one church.

But what happened after the church shooting was part of a mass war by the political left against Christians and Christianity…Immediately, the left responded with smug disdain and vicious assaults and mockery on politicians and Christians offering prayer.

This is not an isolated case.

This all-out war on Christianity began decades ago and is now hitting a fever pitch. Left-wing activists and radicals are attempting to tear our religious freedoms to shreds.  You see it every day in our schools, public places, and even in our Capitol, where religion is getting whitewashed out of historical documents.

Think how many times you’ve opened the paper or turned on the news only to see stories like:

  • Fringe groups resorting to horrific violence to kill innocent, God-fearing Christians…
  • A court case protecting Christians and religious freedoms struck down…
  • Or a school indoctrinating our children, promoting Islam, or demanding students stop engaging in prayer or Bible study…

Now one book, Dark Agenda, exposes it all. This famed Jew author investigates the hate-filled radicals who envision a new millennium in which Christianity is banished.  The Jew warns these rising hateful attacks threaten all Americans — Christians and Jews alike.

Dark Agenda delivers a shocking look at the rise of anti-Christianity, unequivocally showing how liberals and their radical allies are dead-set on extinguishing Judeo-Christian values — the very foundation of our democracy.

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In Dark Agenda you’ll discover:

✔ The shocking truth behind the “most hated woman in America.” See how this deranged woman fueled Christian hate and anti-Semitism, forcibly removing prayer from school. The untold story of her ruthless lies and deceptions… page 64

✔ How the Supreme Court overturned a 170-year-old tradition established by our Founding Fathers and took separation of church and state and turned it upside down… page 52

✔ The deliberate whitewashing of history by the left,which has gone so far as to remove the Pilgrims from history books… simply because the very name implies religion… page 57

✔ How prayer in school was ruled unconstitutional overnight… page 64

✔ The real reasons why the left is hellbent on bringing Christianity to its knees are revealed in this EXPLOSIVE new book…

✔ How radical feminists plan to replace traditional religion with a feminist religion that will become a new mantra of “morality”… page 59

How fanatical liberals helped create the religious right by frightening and offending Catholics and other religious conservatives… page 60

✔ Why leftist Hollywood elites like Bill Maher, who belligerently states “religion must die in order for mankind to live,” play straight into the hands of atheist-inspired genocides… page 6

✔ How the left is turning a cherished Washington monument into an anti-religious vision for America — scrubbing it of religious references while no one is looking. What they’ve done will SHOCK you… page 75

✔ How the Equal Rights Amendment actually strips women of vital rights they already possess… page 60

✔ How Saul Alinsky-worshipping Barack Obama galvanized the anti-God, anti-religious left — and how he’s continuing his anti-Christian movement today… page 75

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✔ Donald Trump’s “genuine love for his country” and how it created a lightning rod for evangelical Christians and Catholics… page 98

✔ Discover more about Planned Parenthood’s violent manifesto where founder Margaret Sanger advocated using dynamite to promote “revolutionary solidarity”… page 47

✔ How the left doomed the nomination of conservative Judge Robert Bork to the U.S. Supreme Court — wait until you see the shocking parallels to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s story… page 53

✔ Proof that the hateful writings of evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins — whose book The God Delusion says scientific advances rendered belief in God irrational and unnecessary — are a baldfaced LIE… page 8

✔ The untold story of how atheist Christopher Hitchens changed his entire belief system after discovering his own Black Panther-loving progressive party murdered his colleague… page 12

✔ The Democratic Party’s jaw-dropping plan to use skin color, ethnicity, gender, and class to judge individuals… page 101

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Just take a look at what the critics are saying…

Mike Huckabee:

“One of the most intellectually compelling and rational defenses of Christianity’s role in America.”

Michael Youssef (Author, The Third Jihad):

“Why would a Bible-believing Christian pastor endorse a book by an agnostic? If you want to understand the leftist, secularist war against Christianity… you must read Dark Agenda. It will make you think, it will make you pray, and it will motivate you to action.”

Alan Dershowitz:

“Horowitz exposes the intolerance of many atheists toward those who believe in God. As a Jewish agnostic, I think it is imperative that disbelievers not demonize believers and that believers not demonize disbelievers.”

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