THE Ave Challenge: Who is this Republican?

Consistent, nonhypocritical, putting principle above party — who acts like this anymore?

A. Father Alons Gabinus, New Dean of Law at  Seattle University
B. Thomas Slade Gorton, heir of the Gorton’s Seafood and former US Senator  
C. Adam Musk, father of Elan Musk, recently moved to Broadmore, Mr. Musk is more conservative then his son.  
D. Robert Davis, grandson of Jefferson Davis who advocated removal the Confederate President’s name from U.S. Route 99 
E. John Mckay, Seattle “Super Lawyer” and former federal prosecutor

Republicans for the Rule of Law is running a TV ad condeming their party for its silence about Trump’s support for Russian interference in the election and obstruction of the Mueller investigation.

The 91 year old pious man on the left is a surprise.  A man of great wealth, today’s Ave mystery is a usually quiet Republican and resident of Washington state.  Having served in many capacities in the party,  this is no party defector. In the past two-year election cycle, he donated more than $21,000 to 28 federal and state candidates and party organizations. All were Republican.

Aside from his other achievements, this Republican probably has been an attorney interested in public affairs.  In the 1970’s, he was one of the first Republicans to call for Nixon to resign for obstruction of justice. Then in the 1990s, he argued for conviction of Bill Clinton for … obstruction of justice.


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