When Democrats Go Full Bore Racist

Katie Porter, a protege of Elizabeth Warren made a great point.  Porter is a lawyer who studied with Professor Warren at Harvard Law.  Now a Congressperson, she screwed the Chair of JP Morgan-Chase  to the wall .. asking him how an entry level employee could pay her bills, much less pursue opportunities for career advancement.  Mr. Dimon had no answers.  Point well made. 
But, Congressman Al Green effed the event up with a horrid example of identity politics. Really? Being a “white male” makes one unqualified to be Jamie Dimon? Worse yet, he went on to demand that we select “people of color” to succeed Mr. Dimon! What color? What is color?  Is Mr. Dimon “white” because Jews are white?  Are Arab Americans white?  Hindu Americans?  Chinese Americans?   This was blatant racism.

Try reading your post as if you were some Billie Bob coal miner from Pennsylvania. How would you feel being told your kid could not aspire to be a Senator cuz of white privilege?

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