China grins while US threatens tariffs on $11 billion of EU products unless the WTO Helps Boeing

China must be happy, very happy. As Boeing struggles with its 737 debacles and Trump wants tariffs on Airbus f, China is test flying its  C919, 737 rival it plans to sell  at a rock bottom price to entice buyers

The latest escalation came last week when  Trump threatened to slap $11 billion worth of goods from the EU with import tariffs after the World Trade Organization (WTO) found that EU subsidies to Airbus cause “adverse effects” to the US.
The WTO  not only found the Feds guilty, but they also found states like Washington guilty for supporting Boeing with mega tax breaks. OHSO true.  Meanwhile, China is test flying its 737 competitor, the C919.  The C919 is nit just a 737 look alike, ti is designed to sell for a lot less money .. because China, as a corporate state can do things the US and EU can not do., The french Foreign Minister, Bruno Le Maire, called the conflict between the US and European aircraft-making giants “absurd. … A commercial war between Boeing and Airbus will only play into the hands of COMAC [Commercial Aircraft Corp of China Ltd],”

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  1. Captain Oblivious #

    That’s not a C919. It’s an ARJ21. Even says so on the fuselage. It doesn’t resemble a 737.

  2. theaveeditor #

    Read the article.

  3. Any cvgty #

    Apparently you did not read the article you copied.

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