A group of religious leaders gathered on a sunny Sunday, just outside the oval office. 

The group presented Donald Trump with a portrait. by famed artist Dan Robbins.  The portrait of Mr. Trump envisages how Mr. Robbins, an evangelical Christian and member of the Church of the Grateful Messiah, believes Mr. Trump will appear 2 years after he retires to life after the white house. 

The Dear Reverend of the Church of The Grateful Messiah, The honorable George Washington Jackson, related how Mr. Robbins, noted for his paint by number technique, had died before he was able to fill in the color.  But, then, there was a miracle.  Children in the Sunday School found the unfinished canvas and on one holy day they filled in all the colors!

One of the children even related how she had dreamed of Trump walking on water by the Washington Monument and turning double cheeseburgers into enough to feed the multitude in all the Church’s Sunday school classes!  . They even got fries with that.

Reverend Jackson told Mr. Trump that they know he had sinned but the miracle shows that redemption by Jesus is very real.   As the President bowed his head, the Reverend said “In your next career, a long one, we want you to join us as  our bishop., Mr. President just as St. Paul led the first Christians.”  Mr. Trump showed his gratitude and explained, “Rather than a Presidential library, a great church should become the symbol of what I have all achieved. ”

Rumors suggest that the new painting will be placed in the chapel at Mar a Lago.

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