THE-Ave Challenge: Why is this man in a burka?


“This is my beautiful husband. I Iove how he modestly hides himself while going out, I wouldn’t want him to get molested.  I on the other hand can roam around and loiter on my own…in my tank top in my spaghetti strap top or even shirtless, because I am a woman.  No woman would molest me and even if they do, I will not talk about it because it will prove me weak and defenceless in front of the whole wide world. A woman is not supposed to be weak, you know, we were created to be strong and macho.”

“Of course, you can’t see how beautiful he is because I make sure he keeps his beauty hidden as I am the only true haqdaar of it, Everything he is, all his achievements, dreams, all of his fkn life, he owes it to me.”

“I took Waleed to dinner last night.  We ate steroid-free chicken because we do not want his fertility to be affected because his major purpose of existing is to give me children and make me a mother.” 

“Men, you must show your wives as much love, tenderness, and respect as they do to you. Don’t be ashamed of that.”


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