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Why DOES insulin cost 20 times more then it did 20 years ago?


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This GOP legislator wants to execute women who have abortions

His name is Tony Tinderholt, and he represents a suburban district in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the Texas House of Representatives. In 2017 and 2019, he sponsored legislation that would impose the death penalty for having an abortion. Because Tinderholt is trying to kill people for engaging in l[...]

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THE-Ave Challenge: Who will play William Barr on Saturday Night Live?


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THE-Ave Challenge: Why is this man in a burka?

“This is my beautiful husband. I Iove how he modestly hides himself while going out, I wouldn’t want him to get molested.  I on the other hand can roam around and loiter on my own…in my tank top in my spaghetti strap top or even shirtless, because I am a woman.  No woman would moles[...]

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A group of religious leaders gathered on a sunny Sunday, just outside the oval office.  The group presented Donald Trump with a portrait. by famed artist Dan Robbins.  The portrait of Mr. Trump envisages how Mr. Robbins, an evangelical Christian and member of the Church of the Grateful Messiah, [...]

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The Scandal of Online Education

Highline, a new online magazine from the Huffington Post has a disturbing article on the abuse of higher education by private, for profit, online education services.   The author,  Kevin Carey is the director of education policy program at a  policy institute, New America.  His key points [...]