CNN, MSNBC have become Fox Like, Bring Back the Evening News!

I think an old fashioned evening news show, reporting world and American news, would be a huge draw. As it is we get whatever the day story is, often planted by Trump, recooked to sell clicks for each host.

Someone at CNN,and MSNBC, jist as ta Fox, gets together each night and sets out the evening story. Then the show producers, working with each show’s talking heads, comes up with the spin that will, they hope, draw viewers. Then, the ratings should tell us how successful the show was. However, in recent years, since everybody with a TV seems to want to get their hands on the Best all round DVR, many viewers will end up watching the shows they like after they’ve initially aired, impacting the ratings.

The script each evening is is not just boring. The result of this one story a night is that the credibility of serious, journalists is replaces with a perpetual spin. Meanwhile real news is not presented at all.
The result is like eating at McDonalds every evening, boring.

Here are stories that are never or rarely reported on the cable shows:

  • The extent and ongoing nature of Russian and oether foreign undermining of the US election.
  • Trump’s nuclear deal with the Saudis.
  • The abandonment of our allies the Kurds.
  • Draught issues in East Africa.
  • India’s very real role as a space power,
  • China’s successful silk road.
  • Opposition to the Pope.
  • Trump’s life style at Mar a Lago.
  • Putin’s hidden wealth
  • Increased proportion of Israelis getting only fundamentalist education
  • Hindu extremism in India, Buddhist extremism in Myanmar.
  • Imperial ambitons of the Sauds
  • Effects of climate change
  • Ethnic changes in Britain
  • Development of Holywood rivals in India, Nigeria, China
  • Fishing decline off of Africa
  • China in Africa
  • Ethical implications of science
  • Life in socialist Europe
  • etc.
  • etc.

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  1. Mark Adans #

    American newscasts have always underreported the news. Because American TV news has always been corporate, and American anti intellectualism. The BBC and Canadian Broadcasting have always been better than even public radio and TV. Radio Free Europe was generally a better news product than the major networks.

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