BREAKING NEWS: USSF Announces Plans For First True Space Ship

(TA News, April 1, 2027) In a news conference Today, Vice President Ted Cruz announced that the United States Space Force is committed to building its first true space ship, the USSF Donald Trump.  In turning the podium over to Mr. Cruz, President Michelle Malkin said she was proud that the ship would be named for the recently departed and much loved, Donald Trump.  President Malkin, the first Filipino woman to serve as President noted that “Mr. Trump’s last words, after his unexpected death from a brain tumor, were “take me to Mars!'”

The USSF Trump, under construction at the new space yards near the Mar a Lago  Presidential Library and Golf Resort in Palm Beach, Florida, will be the first true space ship, able to go where no man has gone before.  Powered entirely by clean coal and fusion energy, the Trump is expected to begin by taking the former President’s embalmed body to a mausoleum that will be built on the red planet.

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