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21st Century Fox to Remake “My Fair Lady!”


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What a Trump state dinner looks like


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BREAKING NEWS: Trump Chooses Ann Coulter as National Security Adviser

(TOX BREAKING NEWS)  TA News Affiliate, TOX, has found that President Trump will announce his choice as National Security Advisor this afternoon.  The surprise is that he has chosen one of his strongest critics, Ann Coulter.  The choice was made as part of his new wartime cabinet intended to demo[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: THE-Ave.US Discovers the missing Leonardo!

(TA News, ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates, April 1, 2019) —  Back in November 2017, “Salvator Mundi” at auction for $450.3 million to a mystery builder.  Then, the painting disappeared. Agents working for TAN and FFNO, the news agencies of THE-Ave, have found the missing Leonardo!.  Strange[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: USSF Announces Plans For First True Space Ship

(TA News, April 1, 2027) In a news conference Today, Vice President Ted Cruz announced that the United States Space Force is committed to building its first true space ship, the USSF Donald Trump.  In turning the podium over to Mr. Cruz, President Michelle Malkin said she was proud that the ship wo[...]