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The principal findings

1. Russia interfered with the 2016 election 2. Mueller didn’t find collusion by the Trump campaign 3. Mueller did not exonerate Trump of obstruction, but the AG won’t prosecute him for obstruction In a letter to Congress, which you can read in entirety here, the Attorney General summariz[...]

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Are Jews Jews? Are Palestinians Palestinians?

A Facebook friend who identifies as a Jew but opposes Israel, was told by someone that he was of the tribe of Dan.  I asked who told him that he was  of the tribe of Dan? If “Dan” actually existed, it was one of the tribes destroyed ny the Assyrians. I suppose a Mormon might […][...]

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Why Vagrancy Laws Are Hard to Enforce.

Mark Adams on THE-Ave.US “When vagrancy is a crime and it’s enforced the enforcement mostly ends up moving the vagrants to other communities. Even when private businesses and residences deal with vagrants most of the effort is getting the vagrants off the property, Generally they do not give[...]

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More Than One Reality Exists Since the Greeks, all western religions have ultimately had to be tested against reality.  Reality has had two components. The first is called the scientific method .. truth has to be reproducible.  The second is logic, 1 plus 1 must equal two and nothing can be both t[...]

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Where would you have stood?

The redhats have fellow travellers. Perhaps these are good people but they excuse Trump by saying he is just like every other politician.  After all, look at how we have survived other Presidents.  They think I am too upset by Trump and the redhat brigade. MAYBE. Where would you have stood? Andrew[...]