W. Virginia cops beat a teen senseless and toss his limp body into a ditch

But that’s what he gets for crashing into a police car.

Three West Virginia cops took the law into their own hands last November after a teen driver struck a police car, then tried to flee the accident scene. When they caught him, they dragged him from his car, kicked and punched him unconscious, then tossed his limp body into a roadside ditch like a rag doll or piece of trash. Two of the cops were fired and are facing criminal prosecution. The teen was briefly hospitalized. West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, a Democrat, said the incident “cast a dark shadow over law enforcement.” Read story here.

Comment: The vast majority of cops are decent, hard working professionals who do a great job. It’s the few bad eggs who make news. Still, we have a police brutality problem in our country. Worse, it’s often motivated by racism (although not in this case). The badge and gun, and the authority that goes with it, belongs to us. It’s not a job perk they can exercise as they see fit. American policing is overdue for reform. It’s a demanding job and not everyone can do it. Stories like this are a reminder that police agencies need to do a better job of screening job applicants, training recruits, supervising officers, and disciplining those who misuse the authority entrusted to them.

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