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What Trump and Bibi have wrought

Whole Israeli-Occupied Territories within Range of Hezbollah’s Missiles While Trump brags that he has wiped out ISIS, the reality for Israel is that Trump and Bibi have given Iran and Putin free license to all of Syria.  The Farsi News Agency reports that all of Israel is within range of missiles[...]

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RedHat News: Free Speech after Christchurch


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Why isn’t vagrancy a crime?

I really do not understand this.  If you are mentally ill and a harm to yourself or others, the government can and does force you to get help and … hopefully .. provides the needed facility .. a hospital. How is vagrancy any different? Estimates I have read run from 1/3 to 1/2 of all [&hellip[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Whatever “white” means, Jesus was not a Caucasian unless, as some have suggested, the real Jesus was “Yoshua ben Pantera” .. a Roman bastard?

Black woman responds to Megyn Kelly’s claim that Jesus is white—and it’s stunning “How can she says Jesus was a white man when he died the blackest way… Share DAILYKOS.COM[...]

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St. Patty’s Day