Gangster Style Catches on With Trendy Leaders

(TA News, 3-1-2019, Hanoi, Vietnam)  Once again the Dear Leader, Kim Jun Un has taken the lead!  During their brief peace meeting in Hanoi Vietnam, President Trump was invited by the Dear Leader to review Chairman Kim’s state security troops. The two leaders walked in front of the Red Guard, both saluting.  In a gesture of humility, the Dear Leader wore a red ties gifted to him by Mr. Trump from the President’s personal collection of signature neckware.

Edward G. Robinson as Little Caesar

Both leaders also wore their signature long black coats. The coat, called a “gaengseu teo koteu” in Korean, is a copy of the famous coats worn by the American leader Al Capone as well as by several movie actors playing Mr. Capone.  Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim have both adopted the coat as signature of their mutual commitment to protecting the territories under their command.

The great actor Edward G Robinson played just such a gangster in The Racket, a portrayal that led to his being cast in the title role of Little Caesar. His performance as a gang leader became a screen classic. He went on to play many such parts and was widely imitated. The gaengseu teo koteu coat has since then has been a symbol of “the boss.” 

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