On Eating Kosher

Do you think harpooning a whale is humane?

Kosher slaughter is now illegal in large parts of Europe and all of New Zealand.  I suppose this is good for cows.

I am not a cow.  Nor do I eat kosher.  But how is it that ohso liberal folks decicde what I should eat?

I resent the liberal condescension of outlawing kosher (or halal) slaughter.  These good folks worry that   because cows suffer when their necks are cut?   Maybe they need to go to India where Hindu religion protects cows to the point that man’s best food friend, is a threat to human health.

I am not a Catholic either.  I understand the spiritual pleasure they get at the mass but …. as a non catholic the eating of symbolic human flesh and drinking of symbolic blood is distasteful to me.

Seriously, why is it anyone’s bizness what Jews, Hindus, Muslims, followers of Vaudou, catholic priests, or the Makah eat?

On the last topic, you do know who the Makah are?  They are local indigenous people on the tip of the Olympic Peninsula.  Long ago, the Makah has ritual cannibalism … rather like the Catholic mass but with dried bits from defeated real humans.  That ritual iss gone but  the Makah still hunt whales.  Ever eat whale? I had whale meat in Boston and in Japan.  Pretty good!

Now I do not eat whale because I do not want them going extinct.  And yeh I am impressed that the ORCA (actually a porpoise) may be smarter then I am.  I want to save the whales. I sure do,  but I also understand that the tradition is important to the Makah! Compare that to cows. Are cows endangered?

One of the ohso liberal places that ban kosher slaughter in Norway.  Guess who hunts whales?

Oh, BTW, whale meat is not kosher!

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