SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Christian Ridicule

Take a moment to reflect on the wonders of the universe. Bask in the awe and magnificence of the diversity of nature. Look upon the soaring mountains, the vast seas, the cloud-studded azure skies. Ponder how living beings became so immensely diverse on our life-giving planet, how integrated and interdependent is all life meshed on our wondrous Earth. Can we truly fathom the depth of the intricacies required to produce and sustain living beings such as animals, plants, microbes, the engines that support the survival of such diverse lifeforms on an incredibly insignificant planet in an insignificant galaxy in an insignificant corner of an unimaginably immense universe that may possibly be a single speck floating in a sea of universes? The wonders of [nature dwell] deep in the hearts and minds of all people living on this wondrous rock we call Earth, as it makes its endless journey around a life-giving star we call sol. No matter what we may call it, we give thanks to the awe and inspiring power of nature itself.

Last Week in In Arizona

State Representative Athena Salman gave a beautiful invocation, talking about the grandeur of the universe, the wonder of our existence, the smallness of our planet.

A Christian colleague got up on a point of order and demanded the right to ridicule.  State Rep. John Kavanagh arose to correct the speech, ridiculing Representative Salman. Kavanagh called on his guest, God.  Apparently God was in the gallery at Mr. Kavanagh’s request.  Arizona’s Speaker of the House, Rusty Bowers moved on, on and pretending like it didn’t happen.


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