Post Trump’s State of the Union Speech

I have to admit, this was the best delivered speech he has given.  The worlds about unity and American greatness clicked.  As a committed anti Trumper I was impressed.  My question is, why would this speech impress the GOP?

If this were a peach given by Obama, how would it affect anyone with the GOP’s traditional values?

PERSONAL: While not really part of his speech, his nods to the love of his wife seemed strange coming from a man who has been a a playboy with a public sex life.  Does it bother anyone that Melania played the role of Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric’s mom?  Why is she not there?  Imagine Taft or Ike or the Bushes playing this role! 
FINANCIAL: His policies are to ignore the debt and finance the US on loans.  Yeah there was a lot of traditional jingoism but he said not a word about fiscal responsibility. 
ALLIANCES: I wonder how the ghosts of LaFayette and Churchill felt on Tuesday night?  Trump has likely ended our oldest alliances with France and England and replaced them with alliances with morally repugnant governments like Duterte, Putin , Buonasera, and Muhammad bin Salman. Can anyone imagine Teddy Roosevelt or Ike bowing to a murderous Arab shiekh or a Russian Tsar? 
SOCIAL: His circle is hardly the Nordstroms and Gates. Rather he surrounds himself with a crew who are at best nouveau rich and at worst thuggish. Even the Tea Pot Dome crowd of the grifters under Harding would have been uncomfortable with the Trump coterie.  Can anyone imagine Ike choosing to live in a gold plated penthouse? 
MONROE DOCTRINE: Monroe was far before the GOP became a party, but his ideas about this hemisphere are pretty hard core conservative.  We will see, but so far it appears that under Trump’s watch Russia and China are more important in Latin America then we are.
BOURGEOISIE: The core of the GOP in its heyday were the homesteaders and pioneers. In economic terms this was the community typified by upward mobility … the American Dream. While Trump is hardly the only villain, the fact is he has shown no interest in issues that allow upward mobility .. education, a tax structure that rewards the middle class.

God, abortion, bible in school,  Jesus … I get this part but am having trouble remembering the US president who celebrated God in quite this way?   Is Trump’s Christianity what you value? 

So, howsit you guys are still Trumpies??????????????

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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    Buonasera? Meaning Buenos Aires?

  2. Mark Adams #

    One audience in this case is unlikely to be his party (the GOP). Ostensible the audience is Congress and/or the American people.

    We know a lot of the mans history. Though his days of being on the apprentice burnished his image, or created a narrative.

    Financial: Congresses of both parties have a mixed relationship with fiscal responsibility.

    It was George Washington who encouraged the US to avoid entangling alliances, and to be the white house on the hill. (There is a Good Evening government? Intriguing so they meet in places Mussolini gave speeches from balcony’s?) Nations are frankly immoral and should engage in questioning who they fave alliances with.

    Not many of us party with the Nordstroms and Gates bully for you if you do party with the Gates.

    The grifters would have loved Trump unless they established themselves with Dems.

    Monroe Doctrine what recent administration has been concerned with the Doctrine.

    Democrats have gotten pretty bourgeoisie as of late. Not like any President of late has really been for upward mobility.

    And I doubt many Trumpies are reading this blog. As you probably do not read or view Bill O’Reilly has to say. He is on RT and that alone suggests the values of RT may not reflect the values of Putin.

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