Blackface and Jewface in the New Era

The current media blitz over a Virginia democrat because he may have worn blackface when he was 25 disgusts me.

I do not know Ralph Northam but from his age and the fact that he grew up in a community where African Americans were a majority, I can imagine that he may have been someone who thought this was fanny. I suspect the Catholic kids who called me a fucking nigger and a kike when I was a kid thought that was funny too.  I also know that many of them grew out of that. I may have even helped them grow up.

by W. Eugene Smith

Now we are even hearing that the chimney sweep dance in Mary Poppins is racist!  Really?  Is the soot covered skin of a chimney worker .. likely someone who will get cancer from the soot .. offensive to black folks?  Or how about Gene Smith photography of coal miners?  Were they moving because these white folks looked black???  Is black lung disease racist?

Tell me how you feel about the Jazz Singer?

How about Eddie Murphy in barber shop?

Was Jolson making fun of African Americans?
Was Murphy making fun of Jews?

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Or did they give us a great look at how race issue that affects Jews and blacks in ohso white Merica? ALL RACISM is bad!

Of course, Jews and Blacks are not the only subjects of this use of race.  To quote great song, “Even been on down in New Orleans?”    My take?  .. bRace itself is a total myth used to demean groups of people .. whether that is Africans, Maori, Ainu, Dalet, Indigenous folks, gypsies, Jews or even Honkeys. All racism is just effn wrong!Image may contain: 1 person


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