Image result for is DNA a bible?A “friend” on Facebook asked me if I believed that the “Bible” was the revealed truth of God. Since I know this “friend” is a Christian, I answered as follows:

Well .. if you mean the Roman Bible … the one with miscellaneous pieces of Jewish history and writing added to anonymous accounts of your Jesus guy and writings of Paul, an apparently self described victim of hallucination? No. As far as I know that book has NEVER been endorsed or even been claimed to be endorsed by the Deity as His Word. Do you know of someplace God has made that claim? To whom? You?
If God is talking to you, and you are not schizophrenic, that means you are a prophet and should tell the rest of us.
Now by comparison, any version of God being the creator means He literally wrote your DNA. DNA is a very real language, with grammar and all.
So I ask .. have you read your own DNA?

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