Where did the cars go?

Alice Bertha

They Closed the Viaduct and There was NO problem!

How come?

The Viaduct, with only one exit into downtown was not very useful for that.  People used Aurora and I00 to go to worl or to a ball game.  Only 20% of the viaduct traffic was by people going from south of Seattle to the north or vice versa.  Most folks going to or from Seatac used and still use I5.
So who were the folks on the Viaduct?  80% was commercial traffic going between the industrial and port zones north and south of the city.
My guess is pretty simple.  Businesses need to plan.  They know they will soon have the tunnel and certainly do not want to waste employee time driving up and down first Avenue.

When the tunnel opens, they will be back.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    Could also be a case in part where there was proper planning and messaging on the part of government. Completion of the project will demonstrate that government works in Washington state.

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