BUY ME!: Hasbro announces WHATTABOUT, “The Games of Trump”

(TA News, Jan 21, 2020)  WHATTABOUT

Hasbro, maker of Monopoly,™ has announced a first … WHATTABOUT!  “Whattabout is the first social Monopoly.”   said Brian Goldner. Chairman  of Hasbo.  “The board game will work with your iPhone to offer a real time, cloud based interface to Fox News. ”  Mr. Goldner said that events on the Alt News channel will determine the  odds of each dice throw,  “You could go to jial, play golf at one of four Trump golf courses or go to jail!”   

Sabine Hossenfelder is thrilled.  Though today she is a theoretical physicist, Ms. Hossenfelder is the great grand daughter of Henry Hassenfeld, one of the three brothers who founded Hasbro,  “I am writing a song to celebrate! “
Her grandfather, Merrill intriduced  Mr. Potato Head, in 1952. The toy was a smash success. In 1954, still one of Hasbro’s greatest products.  The Chairman, Brian Golner said, “If WHAttABOUT is a success we plan to follow it with other virtual toys including a virtual “Mr. Potato Head.  We are also thinking of a virtual  G.I. Joe, including G.I. Jane to market for boys and girls who want to play with dolls made in the spirit of the #METOO movement.”


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