If you see this man, turn your back on him.

Max Misch is a white supremacist who harassed Vermont State Rep. Ruqaiyah “Kiah” Morris “with so many racist messages that she resigned.” Then he showed up at her press conference after the state attorney general said he wouldn’t be prosecuted because his actions fell within free speech. Read story here.

The government can’t censor Misch, nor should it, but you can censure him. You can shout him down, curse him, flip him off, and call him names. But I suggest simply turning your back on him. Everyone should give him the silent treatment. He deserves to be treated like a pariah.

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  1. Mark Adans #

    I sincerely doubt that a man in Vermont is going to notice people in Washington state turning their back on him or giving him the silent treatment. Though there will be pockets in the state like the up river on the Skagit where the man would get high fives from some residents. The same would be true of Iowa or even Minnesota. He may not even notice if the folks in New Hampshire all turned their backs to him. Shouting him down and flipping him off or verbally cursing him are generally more effective in his presence. Personally I’m not flying to Vermont to do any of those things now that I know about this dude, nor am I inclined to.
    Still one what would Martin Luther King do Probably not resign. He would however respond as a minister would with words, even words of love, probably with condemnation of the ideas the man promotes, but not the destruction of the man. His ideas are not in the light, hopefully the light will disinfect, or his words can carry the day. That is the meaning of living in a Democracy, and why we are a Republic with a Constitution that puts limits on the tyranny of the majority.

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