WHY WE NEED A WEALTH TAX:The Hypocrisy of the Republicans

Roy Hjalseth is an outspoken Trumpie on Facebook.  He is also a successful (and talented) builder and real estate developer.

Roys Says He Should Not Be Taxed on What he Earns as Long as It Makes Him Wealthier

“…you think I don’t pay property tax every year??? of course I do. we all do. If you sell your home or investment should you not be able to roll that value gain into the next home you buy?? only when you keep the profit and don’t roll it into another home do you then pay tax on it.”

So, how can I arrange for my employer to just give me stock options? Roy is an inspiration to all of us!  Look at Jeff Bezos!  His wealth increases by about a billion a year BUT his salary?  .. $83,000. 

Now Jeff plans to buy the Seahawks!  That will  let him claim depreciation on Russel Wilson’s throwing arm! 


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  1. Mark Adams #

    The wealthy would never find ways to get around a wealth tax. Just ask your middle class Italian or Greek.

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