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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: ” Someone seriously left this as my tip today. pissed is an understatement. i was so excited when i saw $20″

Garret Wayman, a waiter  in a suburb of Wichita, Kansas, said he was excited on last year to see a $20 bill tucked under a ketchup bottle as a tip. The tip opened up to be a  religious pamphlet commending the waiter to seek “faith thru Jesus Christ” and start reading the bible. “[...]

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WHY WE NEED A WEALTH TAX:The Hypocrisy of the Republicans

Roys Says He Should Not Be Taxed on What he Earns as Long as It Makes Him Wealthier “…you think I don’t pay property tax every year??? of course I do. we all do. If you sell your home or investment should you not be able to roll that value gain into the next home […][...]