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GOP karma


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Idled federal workers recalled to reopen wildlife refuges to hunting

There’s no money to pick up trash or prevent vandalism at our national parks and monuments, but the Trump administration has found money to recall 244 furloughed USFWS wildlife refuge employees so hunters can shoot wildlife. And the BLM is still processing oil drilling applications. Read story[...]

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Wheels and walls

“They say a wall is medieval. Well, so is a wheel,” Trump argued. The problem with his remark is that this   isn’t the same as this: He’s made a stupid argument that assumes technology is static and never evolves or improves. Nobody uses medieval wheels or builds medieva[...]

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IS Cuba Still Communist?

Can Cuba Emerge Under the Pax Sinica? Fidel Castro was a classical Leninist. He violates Marxism by believing that one can create a communist society without first developing a strong middle class. The result of that, wherever Leninism has been tried, is the creation of a totalitarian bureaucratic [...]

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Is China The New British Empire?

A think tank founded in the name of Henry Jackson sees China as replacing the UK as a world power: “China poses the single biggest threat to Britain’s position as one of the great super-powers …” The Henry Jackson Society ranked the top 20 world powers based on economic growth and naval i[...]

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Can a 787 take off vertically?

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