Paul’s Ghost Don’t Pay Taxes!, yay Seahawks!

Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson celebrates with the Vince Lombardi Trophy at a rally for the NFL football Super Bowl champions in Seattle. Russell Wilson would be playing for Mr. Allen if he were still alive. Now, if he gets to the Su0erbowl again, his ghost will have to do the rooting.

GHOSTS in Seattle

Here in Seattle, a more real ghost, Paul Allen. The dearly departed Mr. Allen, now dead for over a year, lives on as a Trust.  The Trust is oh so cool.  Money and property in the Trust may never be taxed and there is not even a need for it to give anything away.  AIN’T IMMORTALITY GREAT!
The coolest part may come if the Hawks win another NFL Superbowl.  Imagine Mr. Allen as a hologram!



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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    All that money and too dead to enjoy it. What a pity!

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