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Would a border wall work?

Let’s ignore the fact — and it’s a fact — that most drugs from Mexico come in through ports of entry, so a border wall won’t stop the flow of drugs. Castles, walls, and moats were a popular military technology until, oh, about 500 years ago. Kings quit spending treasure[...]

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120th Anniversary:Sacrifice of the ear.

December 23, 1888 Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh cuts off his own left ear, or at least part of the earlobe, after a row with fellow artist and close friend, Paul Gauguin. The incident happened in Arles, where van Gogh was living in a rented studio. The Dutchman, then aged 35, had long suffered repea[...]

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Nancy Reagan Delivers a Wish to Mr. T


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65th Anniversary: Santa is born!

¬†“The Coming of Santa Claus” illustration by Thomas Nast for Harper’s Weekly, December 1863. This appears to be the first time Santa was depicted with a white beard and red suit. ¬†Thomas Nast, along with Clement Clarke Moore’s poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas”, h[...]