FACEBOOK DIALOG: A reminder that a person elected to serve must serve the country NOT THEIR RACE OR POLITICAL PARTY OR BELIEFS!!!!

Quote from Kevin with small edits in italics by AMS.

Trump supporters need to be  reminded  all these law and order folks that Commander in Chief is the military end of the executive branch of government and IT REQUIRES THAT OFFICERS BEHAVE LIKE GENTLEMEN AND ARE PUNISHED FOR ANY CONDUCT UNBECOMING AN OFFICER! There is not one officer and gentleman that would remain so if they lied, spoke of doing violence to people that hate the military, and NO MILITARY OFFICER CAN BE A WOMANIZER NOR COULD THEY BE KEPT IN THE RANKS IF THEY ENCOURAGE THEIR FELLOW OFFICERS TO ‘GRAB WOMEN BY THE PUSSY’ they would be Dishonorably Discharged or get a Bad Conduct Discharge!!!!

So while Trumpists attempt to have the Drumpf look honorable, military history is replete with men like him being discharged from the military and most got court martial!!!! 

(Kvin focuses on Trump’s racism)

White Americans cannot be on both side UNLESS RACE REPLACES TRUTH AS THE ULTIMATE AUTHORITY, as is currently the social actions of American citizens! And they should be ashamed to say that Drumpf is a genuine Chief Public Servant!!!!! He is a Russian plant in the tradition of a Tom Clancy character!!!!!!!! The Russians have ALWAYS sought the perfect mole to lead Amerikkkans sheep to the slaughter!!!! That is what sheep are for, right?

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