Of Kushner and The Portrait

Jared Kushner often poses before Andrew Jackson’s portrait in Trump’s version of the oval office.  Why Trump chose Jackson is obvious.  Jackson was a racist and an imperialist.  Unlike the Founding Fathers who drew inspiration for American democracy from tribal cultures, Jefferson believed that Native American civilization was un Christian and that for their own survival, tribes who were pressed by white settlement must assimilate as individuals or be ethnically cleansed.

So now comes a Jew boy, a sycophant of the most fascist American President since Jackson. Do you wonder what these two men might think of each other?  Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act in 1830, which forced the relocation of more than 60,000 Native Americans to clear the way for white pioneers. The act helped lead to the ‘Trail of Tears,’ in which an estimated 4,000 Cherokee died during the harsh conditions of a long march during a forced relocation in 1838 and 1839.  An act all to close to Hitler’s ethnic cleansing of Germany.
here is a different picture of Jackson that might be  more appropriate for today’s oval office:  

The  caricature shows  Andrew Jackson dancing and scampering in MAGA fashion before world leaders.   The print was contributed to the Holocaust Museum by  Peter Ehrenthal, a Romanian Holocaust survivor, to document the pervasive history of anti-Jewish hatred in Western art, politics and popular culture.

Maybe these are better images to think of as appropriate when Trump’s son in law, a Jew, stand in the President’s office: 

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