When a World Leader Before Trump Came to Paris to Celebrate WWI

Given’ the Trump’s Affection for Fake News ..

I wonder if anyone in his crew can make the connection between these clips of Der Fuehrer’s visit to Compiegne in 1942 and The Donald’s to the site of France’s surrender?  

Almost 80 years ago  Hitler accepted the surrender of the French government at a ceremony in Compiegne, France.

That great leader melodramatically insisted on receiving France’s surrender in the same railroad car in which Germany had signed the 1918 armistice that had ended World War One. Der Fuehrer, like Trump, was ecstatic.  After accepting France’s surrender, Hitler stepped backwards slightly, as if in shock.  The media reported this as a bizarre little jig , as if Herr Trump Hitler were childishly celebrating his victory by jumping up and down. The scene was played over and over in movie theaters.

Following the war, it was revealed that John Grierson, director of the Canadian information and propaganda departments, had manufactured the clip after noticing that Hitler raised his leg rather high up while stepping backwards. He realized that this moment could be looped repeatedly to create the appearance that Hitler was jumping with joy.  READMORE

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