Generalissimo Trump snubbed America’s soldiers and veterans three times last weekend.

But he never misses a chance to praise himself.

First he went to France ostensibly to represent America at World War 1 commemorations, but bailed out of an American military cemetery visit because it was raining.

His excuse was Marine One, the presidential helicopter, couldn’t fly in that weather, which probably was true, but other American dignitaries nevertheless managed to attend that ceremony by riding there in cars. An official of a previous administration involved in arranging presidential travel said there is “always” a backup plan for such events.

Then, back in the States, he skipped Veterans Day events at Arlington National Cemetery and Walter Reed Hospital, instead holing up in the White House with no explanation given. Probably spent the day watching Fox and fuming over the election results.

Finally, to add injury to insult, he demanded that military ballots not be counted in Florida’s Senate and governor races, because Republicans are ahead there, and counting more ballots might jeopardize their narrow leads. He values soldiers’ votes only when they elect Republicans.

“Cadet Bone Spurs” is too good a sobriquet for our child president. That’s insulting to real cadets.

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