How to get dropped as a voting site

“A Florida church will no longer serve as a polling location after its pastor put up a sign on Election Day that suggested Christians shouldn’t vote for Democrats. … Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley told HuffPost he received hundreds of complaints …. Corley said the church’s senior pastor, Al Carlisle, put up the sign and refused the supervisor’s requests to take it down. … As a result, he has decided not to use Grace of God Church as a polling location …” (read story here).


By the way, I’ve never understood how someone can be Christian and Republican at the same time.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    Why a church is a polling place is a question that should be asked. It is certainly not an unusual circumstance, and in rural areas the only facility available maybe a church. Then again why not Jerry’s Bar as long as Jerry shuts down the bar service for the day or the hours the polls are open.

    One can be Christian and a lot of things. Depends on the flavor of Christianity. And some Democrats and Republicans even go to the same church in some communities.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    No, they should leave the bar open. Some voters will make better decisions if they’re drunk.

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