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Trump Denounces Black Lady as a Loser Who Did Not Love Him

“Mia Love gave me no love and she lost.  Too bad. Sorry about that, Mia.” Trump offered harsh criticism to Utah’s GOP Rep. Mia Love/ Love a Black Mormon, failed to wholeheartedly embrace the orange leader.  Trump said  her poor performance in Utah’s 4th Congressional District was because[...]

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Trump Fires a CNN Reporter


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THE Ave Challenge: What is it?


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Science Matters: 9 New Congress Reps Have Science Credentials.

All but one replaced a Republican: Edited from article in Business Insider When the 116th Congress heads to Washington in January, there will be more scientists in the Congress, one senator and eight members of the House. The members of the 115th Congress include one physicist, one microbiologist,[...]

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Move undoubtedly presages effort to shut down Mueller probe and suppress its findings. President Trump sacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions Wednesday afternoon. He will be replaced by Mathew G. Whitaker, the attorney general’s chief of staff and a vocal opponent of the Mueller investigation, [...]

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Why I voted against the soda tax

Mike James, a former KING TV anchor and a friend on FB castigated me because, according to him, the support for the initiative overturning the tax came from the over wealthy soda pop industry. I agree corporate self interest in our society is an evil … BUT .. that does not mean the industry po[...]