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A GREAT DEBATE: Taxing Sugar


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HINT: Best Place to Look for Jamal Kashoggi’s Remains


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Freedom of speech is not an academic value.

Whether it is a department, a college, a dean, a provost, a learned-journal editor, it is the business of the university to silence voices, not to license them indifferently. Like everyone else these days, I’ve been reading and thinking about what’s happening on campuses when invited speakers ar[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: A Message From Another Era


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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: When “Orthodox” Christians, the heirs of the antisemitic heritage of Constantine, define “antisemitism”

The Greek Church still considers the Jews as guilty of deicide. Metropolitan  Seraphim wrote, “Orthodox people are not racists and not atheists. We feel sympathy for the Jews as for all other people. The Jewish people gave us the Old Testament righteous ones and patriarchs, the apostles, the firs[...]