Trump replaces Interior’s Inspector General with political operative

Amid investigations into Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s alleged misuse of taxpayer funds, the White House is stealthily moving to replace the agency’s acting inspector general with a 2016 Trump campaign worker, NBC News reported Tuesday.

Interior’s Inspector General office wasn’t even notified. Instead, HUD Secretary Ben Carson announced to his staff via email that one of his administrators, Suzanne Israel Tufts, is moving to Interior to be that agency’s acting IG, which doesn’t require Senate confirmation.

Tufts will replace Mary Kendall, who has run Interior’s watchdog investigations and audits for 10 years. Danielle Brian, executive director of an independent government watchdog group, expressed concern. “We are particularly worried that she’s a political appointee without any obvious government oversight experience,” Brian said, “and they are sliding her in under the radar of any Senate confirmation process to take over charged investigations into the behavior of the cabinet secretary.”

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Photo: Trump’s scandal-ridden Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke

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  1. Mark Adams #

    Oh those Republican scamps. Under different circumstances those Democratic scamps do similar stuff, or even the same stuff. Ah the wine of political power. Perhaps Dionysus will give us a heady brew this November!

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    “Democrats are just as bad as us” is standard GOP b.s. The Republicans are in a class by themselves when it comes to lying, stealing, and covering up. The Democratic Party doesn’t elect Nixons or Trumps.

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