Is Trump an Antisemite? Is he making the trains run on time?


The Trump meme is scarily like Hitler and Mussolini in the 30s. 

While spewing hate, the American Don brags that economy is great.
It is. America is responding to a two trillion dollar infusion funded by a massive increase in our debt.  In turn, our ability to fund that debt is being fed by world wide chaos fed by Trump’s inept foreign policy.  Wealthy foreigners are investing in US stocks not because they will produce dividends but because in a time of chaos the American dollar is a haven.
Sadly most of this two trillion has no effect no impact on capital investments that produces more jobs IN THE US! The big manufacturing companies are adding almost no jobs and in several cases are now dumping jobs.
Where are the jobs? Starbucks? McDonalds on the one end and on the other Wall Street and Amazon.   Google, Microsoft, Expedia .. none of these produce the type of jobs Trump’s coal miners and auto workers need. Show me a manufacturing industry that is adding jobs.
Meanwhile we have spent 0 dollars on infrastructure while our competitor, China Inc, continues its miracle. Unlike the US, China has a sovereign bank and the ability to control its internal markets.  Xi is using Chinese capital to extend the economic model create by his predecessors.   China Inc now extends across central Asia and Africa, fed by policies that create infrastructure and markets for export of China’s goods.  China, not the US, looks like the successor to Great Britain! 

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