(TA NEWS) Nikki Haley’s Grand Plan

Haley to become Senator from South Carolina.

The sudden announcement of Nikki Haley’s resignation was not news to TA.  Our sources within the Trump White House have been telling us to expect this for quite some time.

Here is what comes next:

1. Lindsey Graham is going to resign.

2. Sessions is going to be fired.  Graham  will be nominated by Trump as AG and confirmed using the same methods as the Kavanaugh process.

3, Henry McMaster, the governor of South Carolina, will appoint Haley to fill out Fraham’s term.  She will immediately begin her run for the Senate in 2020.

4. Since she will replace Graham,  Mitch McConnell  will appoint Senator Haley to the Judiciary committee .. the first woman in that position.  She will also join the Senate GOP leadership as a show female and as show person of color (Sikh).

5. Ivanka will be appointed as Haley’s successor at the UN.  This will rpovide a graceful way for the Kushners to return to New York.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    It could happen this way. Or maybe not.

    Has all the trappings of a conspiracy theory. Where is the grassy knoll? At least you are making a testable theory. Still it appears she will remain in office for about 12 weeks. Care to make a stab on when Lindsey Graham will resign? Will it be before Sessions is fired? Before or after the midterms?

    This is all speculation of course. Why not throw in a grassy knoll or Q? Did you back it up with a tarot reading?

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