How ya doing?

The Trumpies are real good at Whattabout. Ask about the Russian scandal, the border farce, Puerto Rico, or Trump’s thuggish behavior and the answer always is .. look at the economy!

Next the Trumpies roll out statistics they get from Fox News.  Lots of statistics in a perverse version of ratatouille.  A  stew of wine and spice flavored  numbers that exaggerate, misstate, and obscure reality.  The only function of this stew is to praise Trump.  Flood the air with this ratatouille means no real discussion can occur.   The avalanche of Fox faux stats is overwhelming so that real economists coming onto CNN, CBS, MSNBC, NBC or any other medium are in the same position as climate scientist trying to explain Bayesian probability to the average Jo.   Jo has to choose between Hannity and some guy or gal whose only credential may be a Nobel Prize!

Look at the the way Trumpies try to divert discussion form Kavanaug and Russiagate.  They say look at the Trump economy!  They asl how long do we ait until you understand he is doing great things.  An economist  answering that dumpimg 3 trillion borrowed dollars into an economy that is doing well anyway is dangerous comes across as a dirty liberal even if the economist is a card carrying member of the traditional Wall Street version of the GOP.  Tell a Trumpie that using borrowed money to stimulate an economy already doifn well and they well fire off a fusillade of Fox numbers and whattabouts.

I am not an economist but I do read.  The last time this sort of thing was done in the US was Hoover. 1929 is WHY economists are as against what Trump has done as climate scontists express horror about how he is adding to global climate crisis.
So, from my amateur point of view, here are the real tests for Trumponomics
1. What is happening to US CAPITAL investment? Are we building entities that will increase productivity. Are GM, Ford and Fiat expanding here?  Is anyone bringing back manufacture of appliances and TVs? Try getting  that answer at Fox.
2. What is happening to the wealth divide? Is this increasing the gap between the rest of us and the uber wealthy. As a ocncrete example, Paul Allen and Steve Balmer are both in the 20-40 billion dollar range and neither of them is engaged in activities that increase productivity. What has Trumps trillion done for them.
3, Every study I see shows an accelerating LOSS of upward mobility in the US.  How steep is the hill climb for the working class?
4 WWIII is as different from WWII as WWII was from the Franco-Prussian war. WWIII is set a war of economies. China is well led to become the new Great Britain, a world power with no real opposition, How well did Trump’s trillion and his other policies contribute to America winning that war?  How do our allies .. the EY, Mexico, Japan fell about his?  Whose side are they on? 

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