Are all male prep schools and colleges toxic?

Leaving aside the escapades of Judge Boof Kavanaugh and his gang, I am repelled by the stories of male thuggish behavior at the all boy, all catholic Georgetown prep.  Is this normal?

I am a male (wow!) Harvard (ehh!) grad.  After my time, when the College  went coed, I worried about the loss of the male binding rituals.  Even though I was never part of these rituals ias a student in Winthrop House, the stories about Boof and his biddies at Georgetown and Yale ring true from what I saw. Drunken parties with yelling men (boys) and screaming coeds were common.  As I remember, one group even kept a young girl in their apartment for weeks or moths as a sex slave.  Back then this seemed funny .. as long as we nerds kept away, it was not a moral cencern.

Harvard (and Yale) eventually solved this problem by becoming co-ed.  This makes me now wonder: Perhaps all male schools are intrinsically toxic?  Are places like Georgeown Prep, a Catholic shool, as toxic as the all male Catholic priesthood?  Does this problem also afflict the Orthodox Jewish rabbinate and Buddhist male monasteries?

Should we ban all male schools??

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